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  • Regulatory, Marketing, sales, Distribution for Pharma, OTC, MD, Cosmetics
  • Localized Japanese/Lao Distribution Partner in Laos
  • Regulatory, Marketing, sales, Distribution for Pharma, OTC, MD, Cosmetics
  • Localized Japanese/Cambodia Distribution Partner in Cambodia

Company Profile

AI KEN PHARMA (LAOS) Company Limited
Address Unit J4, ASEAN MALL, Phonthan Village, Xaysettha District,Vientiane Capital, Laos PDRspan
Established October 10, 2016
Capital US $ 200,000
Registration number 583211804-0-00
Business Scope Import, Sales, Marketing, Wholesale for Medicine, Medical Device, Cosmetics,
Bank Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Laos Public (BCEL Bank), Xaysettha Unit
Employee 22 people (as of April 2018)
Address #07, St.NW03, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Established August 28, 2017
Capital US $ 100,000
Registration number 00027748
Business Scope Import, Sales, Marketing, Wholesale for Medicine, Medical Device, Cosmetics,
Bank Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) PLS
Employee 13 people (as of April 2018)


今本 謙太郎 今本 謙太郎 今本 謙太郎

It has been over 2 years since Ai Ken Pharma Laos started Oct 2016, and over half a year since the first sales of Ai Ken Pharma Cambodia. It’s all from your cooperation and relationship from our customers and clients. We appreciate deeply for it. For the latest update, we have signed exclusive agreement with Taiho Pharma PTE Singapore, and started Oncology product called TS-ONE, No.1 Cancer Medicine. We also signed distribution agreement with Terumo Singapore and started Blood Pressure Monitor and Blood Glucose Monitor for Laos market. Just recently, we have signed exclusive agreement with EA Pharma (Japan), and started Amino Acid Medicine called LIVACT and AMIYU. Our clients, manufacturer evaluates that AI Ken Pharma keeps sincere and long-term consistent relationship with our customers such as Medical Doctors, Professionals and Pharmacies. We appreciate the feedback and keep finding it even better way.

Ai Ken Pharma Laos has been operating in a good growth. At this moment (Feb 2019) we have 22 people in the team under Ms. Kaisone (General Manager), and providing RA, Marketing, Sales, and distribution service. We provide over 50 medicine, 20 OTC from our excusive partner, Unison Laboratories, a TOP Generic company in Thailand to more than 400 accounts, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in Laos. Lately, we started TS-ONE, No.1 Oncology medicine in Japan, Terumo BPM, BGM, and Amino Acid Medicine called LIVACT and AMIYU.

Ai Ken Pharma Cambodia has been doing well since July 2018, the first sales. We have 12 people in the team and providing more than 40 products from Unison Laboratories to over 100 customers in hospitals, cabinets, clinics and pharmacies in Cambodia. Especially we provide our medicine to Sunrise Japan Hospital, the first – high level Japanese hospital in Cambodia. We appreciate their evaluation to our high-quality medicine and our distribution management system. Lately, we started Amino Acid Medicine LIVACT, AMIYU. Our office is near AEON 2. Please visit us if you come to Phenomena.

Cambodia and Laos have rapid economy growth, and we feel strong energy of “change for better” every day. Also, average age of people in Mekong 3 is very young (Laos 21.9 yrs, Cambodia 23.9 yrs / Japan 46.5 yrs) and we enjoy business management in such rough and tough markets. We will continue energetic challenge with whole group as a team to create trust brand presence for customers, and great relationship with our clients sustainably and consistently next 10 years, 20 years, and 50 years.

Kentaro Imamoto
Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Ai Ken Pharma Group
Feb 2019


  • Sales and Marketing for ultra-low temperature freezer, animal analysis system at Japanese trading company (Japan)
  • Brand Manager for Medical Device for Burn Unit, ER, ICU at high-level emergency center in Japan (Japan)
  • Regional Business Development Director at Regional Office (BKK) of an European Healthcare Service company (Asia 11 countries, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan)
  • General Manager in an European Healthcare Service Company (Laos)
  • Founder, Managing Director of AI KEN PHARMA (Thailand, Laos and Cambodia)


Master of Business Administration
Diploma of Public Health – World Health Organization
Bachelor of Sociology

Brand Name of our company

Ai Ken Pharma

AI KEN PHARMA – “AI” means “Elder brother” in Laos, “Love” in Japan, and initial of Imamoto, “I”. Also, all languages can pronounce the sound of “AI”, as multinational-cultural organization. For Brand Logo, red circle means Japan, blue bridge means high quality service / technology, pink bridge means passion and affection. That’s how we support our client and customers.

Our Value Chain


製品登録 マーケティング(医療・消費者) 販売 倉庫・物流 代金回収 サポートシステム 販売レポート 財務・在庫管理システム トレーニング マーケティング・営業トレーニング 品質マネジメント・倉庫物流マネジメント